ATTENTION! Our main exhibition closes for renovation from November 6, 2023, to April 2024. Until then, visit our temporary exhibition Futebol de Brinquedo.

Opening hours

We open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 17:00 PM (stay until 6:00 PM).
Every first Tuesday of the month, from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (stay until 9:00 PM)
Closed on mondays.


We closed on December 24th, 25th, 30rd and January 1st.
Closed also on Mondays, as usual.


Toy Football – temporary exhibition

FREE entry
Tickets avaiable at the box office


Educational visits to schools and social entities

Special visits to the Football Museum accompanied by our team of educators.

From Tuesday to Friday:
10:30 am – Groups up to 40 people
2 pm – Groups up to 40 people

Prior booking is required (click here)

Group visits

If you want to do a group visit to the Football Museum without being accompanied by our Educational Center, just purchase tickets for all participants at the Museum’s box office or in advance through the internet. No specific appointment is required.


The Football Museum welcomes all its visitors. During your tour, you will find:

  • Gratuity for people with disabilities and one carer.
  • Parking spots for people with disabilities at Praça Charles Miller.
  • Tactile paving
  • All floors are accessed by elevators and escalators.
  • Scale models and touch panels
  • Totems with information in Braille
  • Audio guide for the blind and people with low sight
  • Audio guide in Portuguese, English, and Spanish
  • Video guide in Brazilian Sign Language
  • Accessible games and materials
  • Telecommunication device for the deaf (ground floor)
  • Accessible restrooms and baby changing stations in unisex restrooms

We have developed several other activities to continuously improve the services provided by the Football Museum to all audiences. Learn more about our Accessibility Program.

Directions and Parking

Praça Charles Miller, s/n – São Paulo/ SP – Brazil
Estádio Paulo Machado de Carvalho – Pacaembu
São Paulo, SP – Brazil
Google Maps

Praça Charles Miller has hundreds of Zona Azul parking spots, right in front of the Museum.
This is a special zone: a R$ 6.08 card is worth for 3 hours of parking.
Download the official Zona Azul São Paulo app and do not forget to select Praça Charles Milller before paying.

Public Transportation


Bus lines that stop at Praça Charles Miller:

208M-10 – Metrô Santana/Terminal Pinheiros
Santana, Barra Funda (CPTM, Metrô e Terminal Rodoviário), Pacaembu, Sumaré, Vila Madalena, Pinheiros.

408A-10 – Cardoso de Almeida/Machado de Assis
Perdizes, Consolação, República, Sé, Liberdade, Paraíso.

6232-10 – Pinheiros-Vila Ida/Metrô Barra Funda
Barra Funda (CPTM, Metrô e Terminal Rodoviário), Pacaembu, Perdizes, Pinheiros, Vila Madalena, Alto de Pinheiros.

Bus lines that stop at Avenida Angélica (10-minute walk to the Museum):

177H-10 – Metrô Santana/Cidade Universitária
Santana, Jardim São Bento, Casa Verde, Barra Funda, Santa Cecília (Metrô Marechal Deodoro), Higienópolis, Consolação, Pinheiros, Vila Madalena, Butantã.

508L-10 – Terminal Princesa Isabel/Aclimação
Campos Elíseos, Santa Ifigênia, República, Sé, Liberdade, Paraíso, Avenida Paulista.

719P-10 – Terminal Pinheiros/Terminal Princesa Isabel
Pinheiros, Vila Madalena, Higienópolis, Santa Cecília, Campos Elísesos

719R-10 – Rio Pequeno/Metrô Barra Funda
Barra Funda, Campos Elíseos, Santa Cecília (Metrô Marechal Deodoro), Higienópolis, Pinheiros, Vila Madalena, Butantã, Rio Pequeno

874T-10 – Ipiranga/Lapa
Ipiranga, Vila Monumento, Cambuci, Aclimação, Jardim da Glória, Paraíso, Avenida Paulista, Consolação, Higienópolis, Santa Cecília (Metrô Marechal Deodoro), Barra Funda, Água Branca, Pompéia, Lapa.

877T-10 – Vila Anastácio/Metrô Paraíso
Vila Anastácio, Lapa, Pompéia, Barra Funda, Água Branca, Santa Cecília (Metrô Marechal Deodoro), Higienópolis, Consolação, Avenida Paulista, Paraíso.

N840-11 – Terminal Vila Mariana/Santa Cecília
Vila Mariana, Paraíso, região da Avenida Paulista (pela Alameda Santos), Consolação, Higienópolis, Santa Cecília, Vila Buarque, Bixiga (Bela Vista).



308 – Cotia (Atalaia)/São Paulo (Terminal Rodoviário Barra Funda)



CT01-1 – Circular/Turismo
Ibirapuera, Avenida Paulista, Liberdade, Centro, Consolação, Pacaembu


SUBWAY – Nearby stations

Paulista (Line 4-Yellow) – 900-meter walk downhill tree-lined streets through the Pacaembu neighborhood. More or less 12 minutes.

Clínicas (Line 2-Green) – 1,000-meter walk from the Station to the Museum, on a route with a steep hill. More or less 10 minutes.