We are the first museum in the State of São Paulo planned to be completely accessible. For us, being accessible means allowing as many people as possible, regardless of physical, social, and intellectual conditions, to have unforgettable experiences during their visits.

Therefore, the Football Museum offers several physical and communicational resources and qualified professionals to serve the most diversified audiences: Brazilians and foreigners; people from several social origins; people with physical and intellectual disabilities and people with reduced mobility; children, youngsters, adults, and elders.

The Museum seeks constant improvement and adaptation of its expography, contents, languages and, mainly, humanized service sensitive to differences.

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2009   5-Star Accessibility Certificate, granted by the Municipal Office of Persons with Disabilities and Reduced Mobility of São Paulo

2012   Darcy Ribeiro Award, granted by IBRAM, for the Resident Disabled project

2013   3rd place in the Iberian-American Museum Education Award, for the Resident Disabled project