Football boots: the evolution of football on tiptoe

Since May 2017

Since the arrival and popularization of football in Brazil in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was not just the game that underwent transformations. Keeping up with the trends and technologies of each era, a fundamental piece for athletes has also evolved over time: football boots. This virtual exhibition tells the history of football shoes from the oldest to the most modern. 

Since May 2017

Free access to the platform Google Arts&Culture.

Evolution in the feet

Did you know that the boot was not always part of football? At the end of the 19th century, men and women played with leather boots, typical of the time, which gradually proved to be inefficient for sports. Thus, with the passage of time and the popularization of the modality, shoes needed to be adapted to better meet the needs of athletes.

This virtual exhibition held at Google Art & Culture tells the story of the evolution of sports shoes, from the beginning of football to the most modern times. The show explores the changes that boots have gone through, from material to colors, in addition to the disputes between brands and the latest technologies.

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Curation, research and texts
Aira Bonfim e Fernando Breda

Support for image selection
Camila Aderaldo e Julia Terin

Image editing
Rafael Lumazini

Final edition
Daniela Alfonsi


Realization of the Nucleus of the Brazilian Football Reference Center – CRFB – of the Football Museum

Camila Chagas Aderaldo

Aira Bonfim

Research Assistant
Fernando Breda

Ademir Takara

Documentation Assistants
Julia Terin e Dóris Régis

Ligia Dona

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