Mário Américo: the masseuse of the national teams

Since February 2014

In 2014, to celebrate the holding of the World Cup in Brazil, the Brazilian Football Reference Center paid tribute to great figures in the country’s sporting trajectory. This virtual exhibition tells the story of Mário Américo, masseur of the selection, remembered through his work objects, newspaper clippings and photographs kept by his grandson, Mário Américo Netto.

Since February 2014

Free access to the platform Google Arts&Culture.


Accelerating the recovery of athletes after the games is one of the most important missions in a World Cup. And for 24 years, between 1950 and 1974, and seven world-wide, this function was under the responsibility of one person: Mário Américo.

This virtual exhibition, held at Google Arts&Culture, tells the story of the man from Minas who marked the Brazilian team, from his beginnings in the orchestra, through boxing and until he reached medicine. The exhibition has several images from the time and official documents, as well as curious episodes about his life.

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Curation | Football Museum Content Team
Collection Owner | Mário Américo Netto
Digitization of the collection | Rogério Alonso
Research and Texts | Aira Bonfim
Research and Texts Tikinet
Video Editing Bruna Gottardo
Video Editing | Aira Bonfim, Bruna Gottardo e Pedro Sant’Anna

Revised version – 2018
Coordination | Camila Aderaldo
Adaptation, google editing and translation | Ana Letícia de Fiori

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