Michael Jackson: Brazilian and European team

Since August 2019

Marileia dos Santos, better known as Michael Jackson, is one of the great figures in the history of Brazilian women’s football. In the third part of a series of four, this virtual exhibition tells how the carioca became a reference for the affection team and the Italian Torino.

Since August 2019

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From Rio to the World

In 1988, the CBF decided to create its first women’s soccer team to compete in the China Experimental Tournament, a test for holding the World Cup. And she was there: Michael Jackson was called up alongside other great players of the time, starting her international career.

This virtual exhibition, held at Google Arts&Culture, features several photographs from the time to recreate Marileia’s story and show how she became the first Brazilian to work professionally in Europe, becoming a reference in Torino. They also stand out for their participation in the first women’s World Cups and the Olympic Games.

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