Michael Jackson: The First Kicks

Since August 2019

Marileia dos Santos, better known as Michael Jackson, is one of the great figures in the history of Brazilian women’s football. In the first part of a series of four, this virtual exhibition recalls the player’s first steps, when the sport was still prohibited for women in the country, and the beginning of her career.

Since August 2019

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Kick off

Football has always been in the life of Marileia dos Santos, born in rural Rio de Janeiro. But what at first was just a family activity, became her profession. She started her career when women’s football was still banned in Brazil and saw the release and regulation of the sport years later.

This virtual exhibition, held at Google Arts & Culture, tells the story of the carioca on the field, with images of the family and clubs she played for, and explains how she came to be called Michael Jackson. 

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