The National Team in Poços de Caldas

Since July 2018

In 1958, Brazil won the World Cup for the first time. But the victory had a special participation even before the competition: the city of Poços de Calda, in Minas Gerais. This virtual exhibition tells the story of this place, which served, for 10 days, as a concentration for the Brazilian team, bringing together players and technical commission for the first-time outside Rio de Janeiro. 

Since July 2018

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Winner concentration

The conquest of a title is always surrounded by several factors. And it was no different with the first of the five won by Brazil in World Cups. In 1958, the then national team coach, Paulo Machado de Carvalho, decided to concentrate the team in Poços de Calda and Araxá, both in Minas Gerais. It was the first time that this happened outside of Rio de Janeiro.

This virtual exhibition held at Google Arts&Culture tells exactly why the city of Poços de Calda was chosen and how the team was concentrated there, which had new techniques and professionals to help prepare the team.

The exhibition features images taken by photographer Antônio Lucio, whose collection of the selection in Poços de Calda was only discovered in 2013, thirteen years after his death.

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