Visibility for women’s football

Since October 2015

In 2015, the Football Museum carried out the Visibilidade para o Women’s Football project, which aimed to provoke a discussion about our way of telling the history of Brazilian football. This exhibition shows the results of this project, which included the athletes themselves, referees and field journalists. 

Since October 2015

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Visibility for Women’s Football at the Football Museum

For a long time, the history of Brazilian women’s football was forgotten. To turn this game around, the Visibility for Women’s Football project sought to make better known the trajectories of women who fought for the right to play soccer and succeeded, albeit belatedly.

This virtual exhibition held at Google Art & Culture tells how this project took place at the Football Museum, showing what was included about women’s football in the institution’s long-term exhibition, in addition to the participation of the characters in this story, which allowed the expansion of the collection on the subject.

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Curation and texts | Working Group – Women’s Football:
Suzana Cardoso, Diego Sales, José Rodrigues Neto, Laís de Oliveira Araújo, Tatiane de Oliveira, Daniel Magnanelli, Aira Bonfim, Camila Aderaldo, Julia Terin e Pedro Sant’Anna

Aira Bonfim, Camila Aderaldo e Suzana Cardoso

Google Edition
Aira Bonfim, Julia Terin, Pedro Sant’Anna e Camila Aderaldo

Daniela Alfonsi e Camila Aderaldo

Video edition
Aira Bonfim

Participating Educators
Bruna Colluci, Claudia Stocco, Ingrid Ricetto, Leonardo Catella

Revised version – 2018
Camila Aderaldo e Aira Bonfim

Adaptation, google editing and translation
Ana Letícia de Fiori

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