The Brazilian Football Reference Center (CRFB) is the area responsible for researching and documenting different expressions of football in Brazil, in order to constitute the collection of the Football Museum. The CRFB counts on a team dedicated to the research, documentation, and management of a library and media resource center. It has one of the largest collections of books and journals, besides films, documentaries, catalogs, and works of reference regarding the subject.

Inaugurated in October 2003, the idealization of the CRFB began with the concept of the Football Museum. The implementation started in 2011 and counted on funds provided by FINEP – Brazilian Innovation Agency and a partnership with the Urban Anthropology Center of the University of São Paulo (LabNAU/USP).

The CRFB develops researches, establishes partnerships with museums, memorials, centers, and university research groups, promoting lectures, seminars, and meetings with the purpose of contributing to the exchange, expansion,m and disclosure of football knowledge. All pictures and documents are digitalized to contribute to the preservation of collections on football.