Diversity in the Field: LGBTQIAP+ football

Since June 2022

Football is a universal language that represents the beauty of the plurality of bodies, genders, races and much more. This virtual exhibition is the result of work by the Brazilian Football Reference Center and sheds light on the practice of LGBTQIAP+ football in Brazil, telling who the protagonists of this story are and reinforcing the importance of respect and inclusion.  

Since June 2022

Free access at the platform Google Arts&Culture.

Diversity, respect and inclusion

Imagem de um símbolo de gênero e pés com chuteiras

In honor of LGBTQIAP+ pride, the Football Museum has launched the virtual exhibition “Diversidade em Campo: Futebol LGBTQIAP+” (In a free translation, “Diversity on the Field: LGBTQIAP+ Football), which talks about the practice and memory of football within the community in Brazil.  

The exhibition is the result of work carried out since 2020 by the Brazilian Football Reference Center (CRFB), which mapped and recorded teams, people, events and places related to LGBTQIAP+ football in Brazil through interviews and online research.  

The exhibition tells us who the characters are in LGBTQIAP+ football, how teams and championships were formed and in what context they are nowadays. The aim is to highlight the transformative power of football and help strengthen respect and inclusion in the sport. 

Do you want to help?

We want to increase our mapping. Are you part of an LGBT+ team and would you like to share your experience with the Football Museum? Contact us at  

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Technical sheet

Curatorship and research 
Dóris Régis e Ligia Dona

Ligia Dona

Metadata and assembly
Dóris Régis

Dóris Régis, Fiorela Bugatti, Marcel Tonini e Renata Beltrão

Marcel Tonini

Image processing 
Pablo Mazzucco

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