Memoirs of the 1970 World Cup

Since October, 2020

Rarely in history have the fans embraced a foreign team as much as the Mexicans in support of the Brazilian National Team in the 1970 World Cup. The virtual exhibit is held on Google Arts&Culture remembers this story.

Since October, 2020

Free access at the Google Arts&Culture.

How Mexico embraced Brazil

When Mexico hosted the 1970 World Cup, the country was practically an expert in large sports events, after holding two editions of the Central American and Caribbean Games (1926 and 1954), the Pan-American Games (1955), the 2nd Pan-American Football Championship (1956) and the 1968 Olympic Games in previous years. In all events, the Mexican fans became known for its friendly behavior and for cheering competitors of all countries.

But nothing compared to the Mexican reception of the Brazilian National Team in 1970. In this virtual exhibit, we show the story of how Mexico embraced Brazil and ended up contributing for the unforgettable journey that lead to the third World Cup title and the definitive attainment of the Jules Rimet Trophy. Years after the tournament, several Mexicans boron in the 1970s have names in honor of our stars, such as Jair, Edson and Paulo César.

The exhibit also shows testimonials from players regarding the receptivity of the Mexicans.

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