The IDBrasil Cultura, Educação e Esporte, a cultural social organization, manages the Football Museum since its inauguration, in September 2008, and the Museum of Portuguese Language since July 2012. The former Brazilian Football Art Institute – IFB is a non-profit private entity that provides public services of interest for the community. The museums are managed by means of a Contract signed with the State Department of Culture of São Paulo, and the Work Plans are audited annually. This cultural equipment management model is applied in the State of São Paulo since 2005, and has shown positive results. Besides ensuring quality service to the public, the cultural social organizations have given some space for the actions of the State Government in the culture field to breath, ensuring a successful partnership between the public power and the organized civil society.

IDBrasil manages the Football Museum according to the directives established by the State Department of Culture. Therefore, State Agency audits the actions related to the programming, collection, research and educational activities, and management of expenses, assets, and financial surpluses generated during its execution. The purpose of the OS is to maintain the equipment and instruments required to provide the services contracted, as well as the physical integrity of the building occupied by the Museum. The commitment includes the development of actions and contents coherent with the specification of the institution managed, and disclose them to reach and provide access to the largest number of people possible.

The annual budget of the Football Museum consists of funds provided by the State Department of Culture and revenue raised by IDBrasil, such as ticket sales, space rentals, sponsorships, and exchanges, essential to allow the financial sustainability of the institution and diversification of the Museum’s cultural programming.

IDBrasil is managed by a Founding Member Assembly, a Management Board, a Fiscal Board, and an Advisory Board, besides an Executive Board and an Administrative and Financial Board.