The goal of the Resident Disabled Project is to qualify the service provided to people with disabilities who visit the Football Museum.

Periodically, we invite people with disabilities to work with us, living with the team to break the attitude and communication barriers that become obstacles to true inclusion.

Our residents help us to improve the accessibility features provided by the Museum, develop inclusive educational games, and promote small adjustments to the exhibition space so that the visits are really accessible to all.

The project started in 2010 and is a national reference of Museum accessibility. For the first time, in 2019, we had a resident athlete: Alex Firmino, who plays Football for Amputees

At every residency, we develop a joint project based on the participant’s experience.

Our residents

Our residents

2010 Visual Impairment I Residents: José Vicente de Paula and Paulo Pitombo

2011 Intellectual Disability I Residents: André Pinheiro and Mario Paulo Greggio

2012 Hearing Impairment I Residents: Edvaldo Santos and Luana Milani

2013  Physical Impairment I Residents: Fernanda Bucci and Rafael Hentschel

2014   Mental Health I Residents: Luis Felipe Lima

2015   All residents from previous editions have returned to the program this year.

2017  Intellectual Disability (Down Syndrome) I Resident: Estela Pereira de Almeida

2018  Hearing Impairment I Resident: Fernando Emerson de Araujo Costa

2019   Amputation | Resident: Alex Firmino dos Santos

Products Developed

Football Museum for All Booklets


Resident Disabled Documentary (2016)

Much Beyond Football - A Brazilian Sign Language guide