Held in partnership with the Cognitive Neurology and Behavioral Group Hospital das Clínicas of São Paulo, the project Reliving Memories, part of the Museu Amigo do Idoso Program, provides care to people with Alzheimer’s Disease. Through mediated visits and group activities carried out by the Educational Center and by professionals from Hospital das Clínicas, patients are encouraged to activate their affective memories related to the collections of the main exhibition of the museum and to socialize in the space. The aim of the project is to promote psychosocial benefits, including improving the well-being of individuals with Alzheimer’s, their families and caregivers. Service is completely free. 

#EmCasa – During the coronavirus pandemic, the project was adapted to make remote calls, by phone and video call. The Educational Center serves elderly people with or without Alzheimer’s, individually or through social institutions, including those that work with vulnerable people. The team prepares personalized activities so that the experience of the people served is unique and stimulating. 

The meetings are held in portuguese.

How to schedule
By e-mail: agendamento@museudofutebol.org.br.

Necessary information:
– Indicate preferred day and time
– What means of communication you want (Google Meet, Zoom or Teams)
– Entities must inform the profile of the public served and how many people will participate in the activity.

The Football Museum will contact you to confirm the appointment.

By phone: (11) 99113-0226 (Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12pm)