The Football Museum seeks to constantly improve itself to receive more and more people over 60 years of age. The actions of the educational Museu Amigo do Idoso aim at personal, social and digital inclusion transformations, based on the promotion of conviviality and the exchange of experiences. 

 These are some of the initiatives included in the program: 


Reliving Memories
It promotes assistance to the elderly, with or without Alzheimer’s disease, to activate affective memories from the physical and digital collection of the museum. During the coronavirus pandemic, visits, individually or in groups, are being made remotely. 

Cultural Programming
In our program, we hold events with relevant content to discuss and promote the physical and mental well-being of the elderly, as well as reflections to combat ageism. 

With the same premises as the Deficient Resident Project, the Museum sought improvements in service to the public 60+ from the interaction and exchange of experiences between the elderly and professionals from the Educational Center. Throughout 2016, two elderly residents worked in a paid way at the institution: Maria Elisa Ferreira Franceschini, 66, from April to July, and Jorge Expósito, from September to November. 

The project resulted in several products: training booklet for new audience advisors, focused on looking out for the reception of the elderly public; specific research form for the elderly who visit the Museum, with the objective of evaluating the care provided by the guidance team; and two playful-pedagogical activities offered to visitors. 


Friend of the Elderly Museum
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