Off to the 1970 World Cup: from São Paulo to Mexico on board of a VW Beetle

Since October, 2020

A few days before the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, two friends from São Paulo decided to attend the party even with little money: they left São Paulo towards Guadalajara in a VW Beetle, running against time to arrive at the city in time to watch first match of the Brazilian National Team. This virtual exhibit tells the story of this adventure, which is entangled with the history of the VW Beetle, Latin America, and acknowledgment of Brazil as one of the leading forces of football in the world.

Since October, 2020.

Free access at the Google Arts&Culture plataform.

From the third championship to the screens

This virtual exhibit in Google Arts&Project tells the adventure of Ivan Charoux and FaelSawaya from their personal collections, with pictures, travel maps, game tickets, and film sections they recorded in Super 8 – they even taped the second goal scored by Jairzinho in the match against Czechoslovakia!

The exhibit shows that, after traversing Latin America in a VW Beetle, the friends ended up bumping into several important moments in the history of the continent, such as the earthquake that devastated Peru on the eve of the opening game, and echoes of an armed conflict between Honduras and El Salvador, known as the Football War.

The exhibit also shows the backstage of the unreleased “OsFilhos da Pista” documentary: more than 40 years after the original trip, Ivan and Fael faced the road again to return to Mexico in a VW Beetle, but this time followed by a professional cinema crew.

The exhibit was sponsored by Toriba Volkswagen, by means of the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture.

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Technical file

Curatorship and texts
Renata Beltrão

General research and collaboration
Ligia Dona, Dóris Régis, Camila Aderaldo, Ademir Takara

Renata Beltrão

Daniela Alfonsi

Juliana Pons

Image processing
Hugo Takeyama e Lucas Guedes

Credit of moving images
Scenes taken from the movie “Filhos da Pista”, directed by León Serment; Production: Latina Estúdio, Nation Filmes and Taller de Luz.

Special thanks to CássioPardini, Ivan Charoux, and Rafael Sawaya (in memorian) and members of the family, and Toriba Volkswagen for the sponsorship that enabled this exhibit, by means of the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture.

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